Gluten Free Ready Food w/ Halal Certificate

Present in the market since 1995, Vapza produces steam-baked and vacuum-packed food, offering convenience and speed in the preparation of healthy, safe and tasty food. A pioneer in the segment, the company offers over 40 products geared towards retail and Food Service, among them: Dried Beef, Shredded Chicken, Potato, Hominy and Cassava.
The raw ingredients are selected and certified by a team of skilled technicians who apply the highest quality control. The products are steamed within their own package, a procedure which preserves the food’s nutritional properties and aesthetics. They are tasty, packaged in long-life packaging, contain no preservatives, do not need to be refrigerated, ensure food security, and provide convenience and speed for the consumer.

We created each one of our lines to ease your day-to-day and bring much more health and flavor to your life.

  • Nutritional and ready organic products for you to use all of your creativity in the kitchen. 
  • Complete line of convenient and tasty products, in 2 servings for you to give your final touch. 
  • Convenient and tasty alternatives for a quick and healthy meal. Simply heat and it is ready.
  • A high level of convenience and speed in the preparation of healthy, safe and tasty foods. 

Health and Sport

Researches indicate that Brazilians are more selective when it comes to consuming and often choose healthier foods which will provide quality of life, health benefits and well-being.
Vapza is a company that fulfills its mission of providing convenient, delicious, healthy and safe products. Health and fitness professionals, as well as ones from various sports, recommend the consumption of Vapza products because since they do not contain preservatives, they provide high levels of protein with low levels of fat and retain their nutritional properties longer, thanks to the sous vide technology (steaming).

Technology and Quality

The great Vapza differential is the technology employed in the production process. Modern techniques make it safer to manufacture, package, store and transport foods, which provide quality to the final customer.
The process used by Vapza for processing steam-cooked meat and vegetables are variations of the sous vide French method. The vegetables are vacuum-packed in Retortable Pouch packages, and the technology employed to the plastic film used allows the food to be industrially cooked at high temperatures inside their own packaging. The temperature, pressure and time used in the process are adapted to each product to ensure an improved conservation of the aroma, vitamins and mineral salts.
The Vapza carton packaging helps to protect the inner pouch and it is recyclable, as well as being produced with the use of FSC certified paper – environmentally correct, socially fair and economically viable.