100% Natural -Jam / Gourmet / Classic / Diet & Organic

Jelly Classic

Traditional European Fruit Jelly recipe with all the quality and variety that only Queensberry offers you!

The Jellies Classic Queensberry have amazing flavor in every moment of your day. Be sure to try our flavors for breakfast, afternoon snack or main meal, lunch and dinner. See our recipes!

Our jams are 100% natural, made with a high percentage of fruit and carefully selected ingredients to give you a quality product Extra Premium.

Drawn from classic fruits like strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, red fruits, guava, tropical fruits like pineapple, apricot, orange, and others like plum, guava, jabuticaba and ruby grapefruit.

  • Line Classic Queensberry
  • Quality Extra Premium
  • Traditional European recipe
  • High percentage of fruit in your recipe
  • 100% natural ingredients - no preservatives, coloring and flavoring

Jelly Diet

Health and fitness with an irresistible taste...

The Jellies Diet Queensberry  are sweetened with Enliten, a natural sweetener extracted from the Stevia leaf that leaves a bitter taste in the end.

With 65% fewer calories when compared to a traditional jam, the Jellies Diet Queensberry are a great choice for diabetics or for those who want to keep fit without giving up the flavor.

Our jams are produced with a high percentage of fruit and carefully selected ingredients, no artificial colors and flavors, giving you a quality product Extra Premium

Drawn from classic fruit (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, red fruits, apricots, plums), tropical fruits like (guava), and delicious combinations of fruit (strawberry and guava, blackberry and jabuticaba), our product line provides the you a huge variety of flavors for you to enjoy at different times of your day.

Line Diet Queensberry:

  • Quality Extra Premium 
  • High percentage of fruit in your recipe
  • No colorings and flavorings
  • Sweetened with sucralose.
  • 65% fewer calories

Gourmet jelly

A delight to be savored...

The Gourmet line of Queensberry was made with ingredients that give a sophisticated touch in their recipes.
The line offers a variety of sweet and sour jelly like Red Pepper, Ginger with Lemon, the Mint to Mint, besides the delicious sauce Mango Chutney, which are ideal for use accompanying meats, cheeses, salads and appetizers.

The differentiated options of flavors allow all revenues present a touch more creativity.

Line Gourmet Queensberry:

  • Jellies and spicy sauce Mango Chutney
  • Delicious in the preparation of sweet-sour dishes
  • Combines and cheese appetizers
  • 100% natural, no preservatives, colorings and flavorings.

Organic jelly

A perfect product   for you. All the flavor of Queensberry jellies now the Organic version.

What is an Organic Product? 

For a product to be classified as organic, its cultivation must be sustainable, providing minimal impact to the environment. The fruits are grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, in order that the soil is much more than support for the plant is the source of all their nutrition.

The Queensberry has the ECOCERT certification, a Brazilian institution of high credibility that since 1991 has certified over 80,000 organic products around the world.

ECOCERT is accredited for its international activities in accordance with ISO Guide 65. This assures Brazilians certified producers, unrestricted access to major world markets for organic products.

The organic line of Queensberry consists of greater acceptance of flavors in the Brazilian market: strawberry and blackberry.

Jellies Wellness

Queensberry 100% Wellness, 100% fruit, 100% natural, 100% healthy

The line Queensberry 100% Wellness was developed seeking to create a new fruit jelly concept in the market. To be 100% innovative, the Queensberry created a product developed 100% fruit with no added sugar and 100% natural with no preservatives, coloring or flavoring.

This product is 100% nutritious as it is made of only whole fruits and selected with no added sugar. 

All this with 100% quality and 100% tasty, bringing more health and wellness to your table.

All jellies belonging to the line 100% are sweetened with apple fruit juice, resulting in a product with low glycemic index and 40% fewer calories when compared to the Classic line of jellies. His recipe contains 100% fruit resulting in a healthy, nutritious and delicious.

Prepared from fruits that please the palate of Brazilians, such as Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, noblest red fruits and fruits like blueberry and Damascus, the 100% Wellness line of jellies are ideal for those seeking pleasure and health in a only product.

Line 100% Queensberry:

  • 100% Fruit: no added sugar
  • Nature 100%: no preservatives, coloring and flavoring
  • 100% Fitness: 40% fewer calories


Health and Fitness with an irresistible taste...

What are the Smoothies?
Smoothies are an innovative concept of healthy food 100% the base of fresh fruit that provide health, wellness and nutrition just right.

With only 144 calories per serving, Queensberry smoothie contains dietary fiber (fructooligosaccharides), vitamins (A, C and D) and minerals (zinc and selenium).

An ideal food to be consumed in the fruit time, ice cream and at any time of the day. Try for breakfast, in between meals, before or after physical exercise and everywhere you are in need of a dose of nutrition!

What is the difference between the smoothie and juice?

Smoothies are prepared from 100% fruit hit without addition of water and sugar, and for this reason, are more consistent than those juices. Traditionally juices are prepared with water, sugar and fruit, which make a more nutritious and less caloric beverage when compared to smoothies.

How to differentiate Smoothies, Juices and Nectars?

Juices: They have color, characteristic flavor and aroma of the fruit. The concentration of the pulp of the fruit varies according to the taste of the product and may have a minimum of 35% to 50% concentration
Nectar: The concentration of the pulp is low compared to the juice, it usually ranges from 20% to 30% concentration.
Smoothies: Very healthier because it has 100% fruit hit without preservatives, flavors or added sugar.
How did the Smoothies Queensberry?
Smoothies Queensberry were developed from the concept 5aday, recognized by the World Health Organization emphasizes the importance of minimum consumption of 5 servings of 80gr of fruits or vegetables daily. The program encourages the replacement of industrialized and high-fat foods by natural options, less caloric. - Click here to learn more about the 5aday program.
By consuming the smoothie you're getting 2 parts 5aday program, recommended by the World Health Organisation.
Do you know why the smoothie is 100%?

  • 100% Nutritious - His portion equivalent to the consumption of six types of fruit
  • 100% Concentrate - 130gr of fresh fruit per 100g Smoothie
  • 100% Healthy - No added sugar
  • 100% Natural - No preservatives, coloring and flavoring
  • 100% Quality Extra Premium.

Made from proven fruits of high nutritional value, such as (Amora, Acerola, acai, Plum, Banana, Cherry, Cupuaçu, Cassis, Apricot, Raspberry, Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Blueberry) the smoothie is perfect to be consumed at any hour and every day.