Bio + makes consciously enjoy easy. With more than 300 products of natural origin, we have in fact for every moment the best product. Without unnecessary additives. But with the taste of really tasty and naturally organic. We at Bio + that the most natural thing in the world. Because let's face it: who wants to enjoy consciously, with fewer still will not settle?

Bio + products, from meat to tomato and olive oil to pasta, made with respect to farmers, the environment and the animal. You can find the products of Bio + now at more than 2,500 supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Here you will find the complete assortment of Bio +. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack, with Bio +, you can anytime enjoy great sound.What makes our products are slightly different?

+ Natural origin and animal friendly 
In organic farming, no chemical fertilizers, chemical or synthetic pesticides used. Moreover, animals can grow up in peace and space and they get organic feed. If you know this, then you eat tastes better anyway!

+ Pure taste, enjoy healthy 
Bio + products get the time to taste. Plants and animals get the care they deserve and let natural processes go about their business as much as possible. From this healthy environment, healthy food is produced. Choosing Bio + means not only tasty but also healthy enjoyment. 

Bio + products are available in many supermarkets in the Netherlands.