Organic & Confiserie Handmade Chocolate

Alexandros Hand Made Chocolate is a fast growing Greek company, producing fine quality chocolate products, with a history of 16 years. Constantly investing in education and the pursuit of exceptional raw materials, the company has developed unique expertise in the industry, offering a wide range of original recipes that broaden the taste horizons of chocolate enthusiast.

Following a specialized education in the field of chocolate confectionery and haute-cuisine in Italy and France, Alexandros Dimitriou returned to Greece with a vision to highlighting the complexity of chocolate flavors and aromas, by applying his studies, thus founding Alexandros Handmade Chocolate in 1990.

With an uncompromising passion for high quality results and a results instinct creation, Alexandros Handmade Chocolate – a company developed with own funds-is now a European standard industry producing and packaging chocolate products, with state of the art equipment and employing highly trained staff. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that since 2002 the company applies the process control system HACCP and is certified according to ISO 22000 standards of quality assurance for all the stage of production.